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Природные катаклизмы на востоке России и в Монголии могут значительно усилиться и участиться из-за глобального потепления...
Металлоинвест раскрыл сумму бюджета на цифровую транформацию Бюджет холдинга Металлоинвест на цифровую трансформацию в 2016-2020 гг. составит 6 млрд руб, рассказал гендиректор холдинга Андрей Варичев...

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Яндекс.Диск (iPhone/iPad) - клиент бесплатного сервиса Яндекс.Диск, благодаря которому ваши фотографии, видеоролики и документы будут доступны вам из любой точки мира, где есть...
скачать Яндекс.Диск (iPhone/iPad) v.Яндекс.Диск (iPhone/iPad) 2.47
Рубрика: Программы для смартфонов и планшетов
Язык: Английский
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Google Диск (iPhone/iPad) - приложение сервиса Google Drive для безопасного хранения файлов в одном месте. Позволяет загружать на Диск фотографии, видео и документы, просматривать их...
скачать Google Диск (iPhone/iPad) v.Google Диск (iPhone/iPad) 4.2018.28203
Рубрика: Программы для смартфонов и планшетов
Язык: Английский
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Яндекс.Навигатор (iPad/iPhone) - Передвигайтесь по городу самыми быстрыми и свободными маршрутами. Яндекс.Навигатор всегда в курсе дорожных событий: пробок, ДТП, перекрытий и т.п....
скачать Яндекс.Навигатор (iPad/iPhone) v.Яндекс.Навигатор (iPad/iPhone) 3.17
Рубрика: Программы для смартфонов и планшетов
Язык: Английский

AVG 2013 Christmas Collection Mega Pack Final Version-FL

AVG 2013 Christmas Collection Mega Pack Final Version-FL | 761 MB

AVG 2013 Christmas Collection Mega Pack Final Version
You Have a Complete Collection of AVG 2013 Software

Mega Pack Contains:
AVG Antivirus x32 2013 v2793a5877
AVG Antivirus x64 2013 v2793a5877
AVG INTERNET SECURITY x32 2013 v2793a5877
AVG INTERNET SECURITY x64 2013 v2793a5877
AVG Internet Security Business Edition x32 2013 2793a5877
AVG Internet Security Business Edition x64 2013 2793a5877

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Descriptions AVG Anti-Virus 2013:

AVG Anti-Virus is one of a range of award winning AVG products designed to provide you with peace of mind and total security for your PC. As with all AVG products AVG Anti-Virus has been completely re-designed, from the ground up, to deliver AVG's renowned and accredited security protection in a new, more user friendly and efficient way.

AVG Anti-Virus has a streamlined interface combined with
more aggressive and faster scanning. More security features have been automated for your convenience, and new 'intelligent' user options have been included so that you can fit our security features to your way of life. No more compromising usability over security!

Features of AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 2013 :

. Easy to download, install and use
. Protection against viruses, spyware, adware, worms and trojans
. Real-time security while you surf and chat online
. Top-quality protection that does not slow your system down
. Free support and service around the clock and across the globe
. Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP

What's New in AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 2013 :

. AvgSys: Fixed issue with blocked scanning launch on file systems with limited capabilities.
. Core: Fixed issue with crash while scanning corrupted *.chm file.
. E-mail Scanner: Fixed IMAP parsing problem.
. E-mail Scanner: Readjusted timing of the 'start e-mail scanning' pop-up notification.
. E-mail Scanner: Fixed Earthlink SpamBlocker issue.
. E-mail Scanner: Fixed problem with adding date-time to editing field.
. E-mail Scanner: Fixed freenet.de mail download problems (added POP3 command).
. E-mail Scanner: Fixed problem with e-mail scanning on x64 platforms.
. Safe Search: Added support for Firefox v4.
. Safe Search: Fixed issue with Internet Explorer crash due to Safe Search.
. Safe Search: Fixed issue with excessive delay in form completion using roboform.
. Setup: AVG client setup is able to preset languages installed in previous version (AVG 9 or AVG 8.5).
. Setup: Fixed issue with installation on computers where Windows were not on C: drive.
. Setup: Fixed NDIS driver installation issue with damaged INF cache in Windows.
. Setup: Decreased disk space requirements for backup of setup files.
. Setup: AVG requires less disk space after installation.
. Setup: Failure of previous AVG version uninstallation is properly reported.
. Setup: Fixed problem with repeatedly required system restart during upgrade from an older AVG version to AVG 2011.
. Setup: In case of online installation fail an error report containing basic data about the issue is sent to AVG for further analysis.
. Toolbar: New version of toolbar implemented.
. Update: Fixed malfunction caused by turning off computer during program update.
. Update: Fixed issue with update fail caused by processing of flags received from update server.

Description AVG AVG Internet Security 2013:

AVG Internet Security 2013 Business Edition - is a program for protecting your PC from dangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks. If you are using AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2013 you will not have to worry about identity theft, spam or viruses.

The program contains a built-in anti-virus module, firewall, detection system, and unsolicited e-mail applications to steal confidential data. AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2013 provides an opportunity to forestall the introduction of all types of threats to computer equipment from the Internet, protects against viruses, Trojans, spyware applications, veiled threats and hacker attacks.

The software solution combines the technology to scan LinkScanner and system behavioral analysis. Provides the function block dangerous web-resources at work on the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition evaluates web-sites to view the current time and warns the user about the extent of their security checks downloaded files for viruses and provides a scan instant messages. Includes remote system administration.

Advantages of products AVG Internet Security 2013 Business Edition:
. File server protection
. Protection of workstations (laptops, personal computers)
. Anti-Spam workstations (laptops, personal computers)
. Protect your mail server
. The necessary level of protection
. Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
. AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
. Easy to use security
. AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
. Technology, the award-winning
. AVG security system certified by all major independent certification companies, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).

AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2013 includes the following modules:
. Anti-Virus - find and remove various viruses, Trojans, Internet worms.
. Anti-Spyware - Protecting your computer from installing spyware and other malicious programs.
. Anti-Rootkit - protection against hidden threats, spreading malicious content.
. Anti-Spam - E-mail filtering and deleting spam.
. Identity Protection - Protection against new and unknown threats.
. LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield - protection in real time from infected web pages during surfing the Internet.
. LinkScanner Search-Shield - a mapping of security assessments in real time for all the search results Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live.
. Web Protection & Firewall - a full-fledged firewall to protect your computer while it works on the web.
. ID Protection - now your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data are protected from theft.

Several improvements and features AVG 2013
* Anti-rootkit: Improved detection of new rootkits Alureon.
* Antispam: IPv6 support in the anti-spam updates.
* Core: Improved heuristic detection.
* Core: optimized 'Check Registry' Resident Shield.
* Core: Corrected an error while scanning the registry.
* Core: how to detect malicious programs have been optimized.
* Core: number of false positives is reduced.
* Firewall: Many fixes and ulchsheny
* Safe Search: Optimizing for frames
* General: Added support for exceptions to Anti-Rootkit.


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